Welcome at MVRO Management

MVRO Management believes in the power of strong communities of committed participants, who engage in peer collaboration through substantive discussions, transfer of knowledge and the exchange of ideas. In short: communities with the right context and content. By creating a conducive environment for the top decision makers in the Netherlands, we contribute to a strong economy and a society capable of forward-looking action. It is no accident that MVRO stands for socially responsible and result-oriented entrepreneurship (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord en Resultaatgericht Ondernemerschap).

Who are we?

Founded as an independent organization in 2010, MVRO Management consists of a team with years of experience in facilitating and organizing forums and round table discussions at the Board level. Our core values are: connectors par excellence, substance-driven, personal involvement and attention to detail.

What do we do?

MVRO Management facilitates the entire context in which top decision makers in the Netherlands meet to engage in forward-looking dialogue in a confidential setting. The purpose of the meetings is for top-level stakeholders to learn from one another, gain new insights and be inspired by their peers.

Who is it for?

MVRO Management has a large network of top decision makers in the public and private sector who are all substance- and network-driven. Together with an Advisory Board and our partners, we carefully select and invite the participants and involve them in the substantive preparation.